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Breakfast & Nahua Kefir

Does it sounds familiar if I say that my day doesn't always start with a good breakfast?

Is your day also too short, as you need to start early and don't have time to make yourself a decent breakfast?

But the fact is, when I'm on holiday I loooooove breakfast! I really can survive on breakfast and diner, if my breakfast is full with good stuff!

Last year we booked a vacation to Tenerife... No, no beach vacation in a huge hotel, but a vacation in an organic B&B. In a small town called "Icor" in the hills of Tenerife. Amazing!!... check it out:

We slept in a cave, ate breakfast in the sun, explored the island and had diner in the most elegant restaurant in the neighbourhood. Kerensa & Steppe, our hosts during those 5 days, learned us how to enjoy our breakfast. And still... when we came home, a few days later, I noticed that we repeated our old habits :-/

So, together with our Nahua Kefir, we will start again in 2017!

We forget too easily that our food and beverages nowadays are coming from production habits that are a few hundred years old. Old practices, like fermentation, that fed mankind on our planet for thousands of years, are mostly forgotten. So we are glad to introduce Nahua Kefir and to be part af those ancient practices.

Water kefir is a magical culture that actively transforms the mineral rich water into a bubbling, probiotic rich water kefir drink, good for digestion and gut health.

As I always suffered of irritable bowel syndrome, it was a relief for me to have a week without pain, after I started drinking water kefir. Your body needs to get used to the kefir, so now I even have often 10 days without a bloated feeling and/or cramps.

My irregular breakfast with white bread and coffee, changed into oatmeal, fruit, coconut milk & honey in the oven. A Nahua Kefir (Red Basil) with forest fruit and basil replaces the best ingredients of a fresh fruit juice and yogurt.

In 2017 I start my bowel diary, so I can inform every one how kefir changed my daily life!

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