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Reinforce your brand with your personalised can and a healthy drink

Image by Nicole Herrero


As a successful entrepreneur or business, it sometimes happens that you want to spice up your event with a nice fresh drink. A can that sticks out is a nice touch then. It enhances your own branding and attendees can enjoy a tasty flavour selected by you.

Image by ika dam


Clients like to be spoilt with a goodie bag after a seminar, event or networking evening. Are you someone who looks for original gadgets from time to time, of which attendees can still enjoy. Your branding on a can, along with a QR code can guide them towards your information. 

Image by Brooke Lark


Do you have a webshop and would you like to offer something that fits within your product range? Personalise your can and pimp its contents. With a fresh tasty flavour, you give your customers a reason to buy from your webshop.

Price range

per can - on demand


Standardised & tailor-made

Minimum order


Size cans

slim cans 250ml


1 - 3 months after approval design

If you are interested, please fill in the following form

so we can contact you to discuss further steps.

Let's "can" together!

Image by Muhammad Syahid Abdillah


What are the steps? 1. Fill in the form via the form button 2. If we receive your request, we will contact you for further practicalities 3. We will send you a template to make your brand design 4. If we receive your design, we will order a sample (delivery to us is 10 working days) 5. If the samples arrive, we will organise a tasting day (if you have chosen for another flavor) and/or a meeting to look at the samples 6. Once the samples are approved you can place your order of the quantities, in order to provide you with a quote tailored to your specific needs 7. After you provide your approval, we will prepare an invoice for prepayment, making it convenient for you to proceed with the payment terms 8. Once we have received your final quote approval and payment, we will order the cans. On average, it takes approximately 3 weeks for the cans to be packed and prepared. And another week to send it to us. 9. If they arrive we will initiate the production process for your batch, making the flavor and canning is a process of 1 or 2 weeks 10. We will contact you if the batch is finished. If you have choosen for a delivery at your place, we will gladly arrange for the shipment (not included) with our trusted shipping partner. If you have chosen to pick it up in our warehouse, we will be happy to welcome you

How long will it take before I have my order? It depends on the process and the choices. Do you choose tailor-made or standard drinks. The cans are delivered, from sample can till the whole delivery as of 1,5 month till 3 months.

Can I choose my flavors? Yes, you can... We have 3 standard flavors. If you want tailor-made, it is better to contact, to discuss the possibilities

Can I choose my can? You can choose the your brand on the can The size of the can is 250ml, if you want another size it is advisable to contact, to discuss what is possible

Can I order more than 250L? Yes, you can... you can order as of 250L, increased by batches of 250L 500L, 1000L,1500L and more are also possible

I received 2 cans from El Gusto Loco, where can I find more info? Scan the QR-code on your can and you find more information about it.

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