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Shrubs or drinking vinegar

It's summer and the temperature is rising, one of the refreshing drinks I like is a shrub.. no, not a scrub..a shrub ;-)

You can also call it a drinking vinegar, because a shrub is made of apple vinegar... at least the one of El Gusto Loco is.

Shrubs are the hot thing in cocktails in the US, but also in sparkling water it is a refreshing drink you can't resist. They are made of fruit, apple vinegar and a little sugar. You can use the syrup not only in drinks, but also on salades and ice cream!

A lot of websites are highlighting the benefits of apple vinegar. Cosmopolitan even calls it "the Magic Potion You Need in Your Life". It has a detoxing effect and is good for the overall health.

But why do I love shrubs?

It's a fruit-and-vinegar syrup to add to cocktails, soda, or both. The acidic tinge brings out the fruit flavour without overloading on the sweet for a complex-tasting, easy-mixing cocktail. Shrubs also make fabulous nonalcoholic drinks—just add soda, for a splendid refreshment.

I love it because it replaces my plain water into something that tastes like a cocktail without alcohol. By making our own apple vinegar, we know the content of the nahua shrubs.

If you are looking for good shrub recipes, I can recommend the site

Shrubs are easy to make if you have the right (apple)vinegar, but you can also buy them at our tastings. We will organise tastings as of the end of October. So, hope to see you!

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