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Home-made Apple vinegar for a nahua shrub

Also known as cider vinegar... and for centuries used as household and cooking purposes.

We make our vinegar with apples and water in a ceramic vinegar jar. Through fermentation bacteria and yeasts turns the sugar into acetic acid.

Organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains "mother", strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria.

Apparently this "mother" should be responsible for those health benefits, but I couldn't find studies or articles to support this.

Articles that I did find, calls it "the magic potion you need in your life", some say you need to drink it every day in order to stay healthy, to lose weight and to get a beautiful skin.

For our shrubs we definitely need some apple vinegar, leaving aside whether or not it is a miracle potion to lose weight and cure diseases, it is and stays a refreshing touch in the shrub syrups.

For the moment we have 2 flavours, forest fruit and apple/cinnamon. Both are delicious in sparkling water as well as in gin tonic. But you can also use it on ice cream, yoghurt and in salads because of the intense sweet flavour which is faintly acidic.

Do you want to make your own vinegar? Click Make Apple Cider Vinegar

End of October we will introduce our nahua shrubs as well as the nahua kefir, so keep an eye on our event calendar

See you soon...

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