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We are your Partner in Healthy drinks!

We are dedicated to producing healthy, refreshing soft drinks that are both delicious and nutritious. Our unique approach combines taste and health, and now we offer companies the chance to create their own brand with our high-quality drinks

Why should you do it?


Healthy Ingredients:

Our drinks are made from natural ingredients, low in sugar and free of artificial additives.

High Quality:

We guarantee consistently high quality in every batch, so you can proudly represent your brand.

Flexible Branding:

Whether you want to enter a new market or expand your existing product line, we offer you the opportunity to put your own brand on our healthy soft drinks. For events, goodiebags or even for your webshop

Batch 250 L

We offer a batch of 250 litres, equivalent to 1,000 250ml cans. This offer is ideal for both small and larger businesses looking to strengthen their brand with healthy drink options.



Batch Volume: 250 litres (1000 cans of 250 ml)
Price: 2 € [Price per can - all in].
Delivery time: 1,5 to 3 months after approval of the design
Flavors: Choice of various delicious flavors such as (standard flavors)

- Lemon-Lime

- Ginger

- Cucumber

Other flavors are also possible but are outside the standard price of the can

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Own branding

With our flexible branding options, you can have your own branding, logo and design on the cans. This allows you to offer a unique product that fully reflects your brand identity``

**This is how it works:**
Design: Send us your branding materials or design ideas on the template we sent you.
Approval: We send your design to our supplier and wait for an exemple on a can (till 10 working days)
Production: After your approval of the design, we will send you an invoice. After payment, we will order your cans and start production of the chosen flavor.
Delivery: We will contact you if the batch is finished. If you have chosen for a delivery at your place, we will gladly arrange for the shipment (not included) with our trusted shipping partner. If you have chosen to pick it up in our warehouse, we will be happy to welcome you

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How to order

Fill in the form via the form button.

If we receive your request, we will contact you for further praticalities.

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"Elevate your brand with the taste of health - your unique identity, our premium drinks."

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