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El Gusto Loco 4 Life

Did you ever organized an event thinking that your location would be too small?

That you already are looking for a back-up plan because ... "what if we don't have enough to offer?"

Or that you expect that your event is the only "great place to be" on that particular day?

Well, I did...

With a lot of stress and a lot of "what if..."-thoughts we started at our Elgustoloco4life-event.

Introducing our new borns "Nahua Shrub" and "Nahua Kefir" together with an opportunity to join the "music4life"-event of Studio Brussels.

It was an opportunity, because nobody knew our product, so if we could link the event to a good cause, a lot of people could come and taste for the first time our "unusual tastes".

And we were ready for 2 days! With a home-made bar, the home-made apple vinegar for the shrub and the home-made kefir we were proud to introduce them to the whole world :-)

Yesss! We definitely could count on some friends, family and acquaintances from Plato VOKA and UNIZO. Together with them we were able to collect some euros to give it to a good cause #ThinkPink.

We had an amazing 2 days, with a lot of laughter and a lot people that were interested in our Nahua Shrub and Nahua Kefir.

So, for those who joined... THANK YOU very much for your enthusiasm and your presence!

You can find the cocktails and tea @ our recipes page.. so start experimenting!

We will be back with a lot more ... unusual tastes!

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