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Co-packing your beverage

Turning your beverage/soda idea into reality


We offer taylor-made services and production capacity to accelerate the process of a go-to-market, with or without half-fabricates

How can we help you?


Do you have an idea for food or drinks?

Do you want to call on expertise to turn your idea into reality? You’re at the right address!

And don't worry, your idea is protected with an NDA​.

Let's chat!


You have a recipe, but you want to finetune it?​

Or you just want to produce it in a trial batch?​


Do you have an idea with one of our products?

With a little change or some extra ingredients, we can provide you with a tailor-made product and with your own label.


Do you have a product and are you looking to mingle?​

Is your product the perfect match with one of our products? Whether or not we should add extra ingredients, we’re up for the challenge!

Our approach
Intake interview

Free intake interview

Tell us about your goals. What kind of beverage do you want to create? What feeling are you hoping to evoke? How many bottles do you want to produce in an initial run? What is your budget?

Beverage development

Beverage development

We will tinker and tweak until we generate a recipe that brings your idea to life.


Ingredient sourcing

We will work with your budget to source the best ingredients for your beverage.


Beverage production

Depending on the complexity of your beverage and the ingredients, production can be as fast as 60 days from approval. With our low minimum orders, we're able to produce only as much as you need. When you're ready for more, it' s easy to add subsequent runs. 

The expert

The expert in anything, was once a beginner...

As a bio-technology graduate, I ended up in gardening professionally, but that didn't stop me from enjoying making food in my spare time. Combining flavours was a passion of mine, which led me to experiment in the kitchen.

25 years later, thanks to my wife, I have turned this passion into my profession. She had digestive problems (mainly in the intestines) and I started looking into fermented foods and drinks. This is how I first started with nahua kefir & nahua shrub, also because we weren't fond of sweet soft drinks.... Killing two birds with one stone...

2016 was an experimental year for me, one of trial and error, in terms of flavours anyway. To make kefir stable, it took a lot of patience. Then the following year we started commercially, because we saw that there was a need for alternative drinks to alcohol and sugary soft drinks.

As of October 2020, we have changed our business plan and started to focus on offering services such as consulting, developing recipes and producing for third parties.




Long live the rebillion, that's what we call every new taste.



Open minded, with a transparent honesty.



Close to perfection, our expertise grows with every assignement.



Overall perseverance, as it needs to be made with passion.

Our values

Core values
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Our Clients

Kult Kefir
Kurkumashot - Klejman
Feliz drinks
Vilt ginger
Kefir de lux gaba
Kefir de Lux
Kombucha Caffenation
Our Clients

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