Image by The Matter of Food

Do you have a recipe in your head? 

El Gusto Loco is a global innovation platform that supports development and production, to accelerate impact-driven and transformational food & beverage product processes. We are bridging the gap between back-of-the-napkin visions and grocery store shelves


We offer taylor-made services and production capacity to accelerate the proces of a go-to market, with or without half-fabricates.


* By detecting the needs through a free intake interview 

* By converting needs into viable solutions

* By connecting the right experts


Having an idea with  food or beverages is not the same as developing an app for your smart phone.

The production of it is filled with variables - from refrigerated distribution needs to seasonal ingredients to packaging ideas  - and being in service of those emerging companies/starters we have to listen deeply, stay flexible and hit the ground running when our founders do.


We bring structure and support in a sometimes chaotic environment, we’ll help you ideate, create, and grow your company in the smartest way possible. We help startups and businesses gain the necessary resources they need, to grow and succeed in the food & beverage industry. Whether it’s  co-manufacturing, product development, scheduled process, or consultation

And if there’s anything we don’t know or don’t have already, we’ll be the ones to find it for you. The world is changing quickly, and we’re here to help you with it.