The expert in anything, was once a Beginner...

As a bio-technology graduate, I ended up in gardening professionally, but that didn't stop me from enjoying making food in my spare time. Combining flavours was a passion of mine, which led me to experiment in the kitchen.

25 years later, thanks to my wife, I have turned this passion into my profession. She had digestive problems (mainly in the intestines) and I started to look into fermented foods and drinks. This is how I first started with nahua kefir & nahua shrub, also because we weren't fond of sweet soft drinks.... Killing two birds with one stone...

2016 was an experimental year for me, one of trial and error, in terms of flavours anyway. To make kefir stable, it took a lot of patience. Then the following year we started commercially, because we saw that there was a need for alternative drinks to alcohol and sugary soft drinks.


But our path was not straightforward, and as a start-up - especially in a sector we were not familiar with - we quickly realised that bringing an "unknown" soft drink to the market was more difficult than we could have imagined.


2020 became our turning point... We saw the value of creating and developing drinks together, using my expertise to help people who were dreaming of their own (fermented) non-alcoholic drink. I had the location, I had the machines and the knowledge to deliver a final product in smaller batches.

I now work with motivated people who use our kefir to add their own flavours, who want to combine their products with ours, and who want to see a product reach the market in smaller numbers.

The path is getting interesting...


Because I believe that every idea is worth exploring and can become big with the necessary expertise

El Gusto Loco's flavours

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