Wij hebben El Gusto Loco opgericht met de intentie om jullie te inspireren en motiveren om een gezonde levensstijl na te streven


Our  Core Values


Our aim is to make healthy naturally fermented products, good for body and soul, without adding artificial ingredients.

That is why we are proud that all our products carry the organic label


People, Planet & Profit... Whenever possible, we use recycled materials, we choose our suppliers wisely and and where possible we look for sustainable ways of doing business.

We find it important to give something back to society with our company. We do this by supporting WeForest.

Everybody is for a good cause, but not every good cause is for everybody! Trees are...

We care about nature, animals & people!

Due to massive deforestation, our children and nature will face enormous challenges.

That is why we feel it is our duty to take responsibility for this now. 


Everybody can make their own food and/or drinks. with el gusto loco we want to lower the threshold to take the first steps and develop new healthy foods and drinks.


Authenticity means going "back to basics". Honest and high-quality ingredients that guarantee an authentic product.

What is unique about us?


We are certified by Certisys, all our products are guaranteed safe!


Al our products are plant-based


All our products have immune-boosting characteristics and are good for the digestive system


No plastic cans or bottles


Our passion is to create new products that promote health


We only use ingredients that are good for health and well-being. No-nonsense! 

Personal service

We are proud to offer personalised and professional support.