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Enrich your drinks with infusions of herbs and teas

Infusions, tisanes or simply decoctions, which have been around for centuries, are regaining popularity as natural remedies.


By infusing herbs, flowers and fruits in hot water, they offer numerous benefits for the body and mind. Infusions, also called herbal teas, are popular for their versatility and effectiveness in promoting health.
With a wide range of herbs and plants to choose from, infusions can be tailored to individual needs and tastes. 


Besides their medicinal properties, infusions offer a valuable moment of rest and self-care. They emphasise a holistic approach to health, considering the body, mind and soul as one. 


In short, brewing a delicious cup of infusion is a simple and effective way to nurture and heal yourself while enjoying the gifts of Mother Nature.

Price range

per liter - on demand


Standardised & tailor-made

Minimum order


Size production

Container - IBC


1 week after payment & approval of planning

If you are interested, contact us!

Image by Nia Ramirez
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